It was hours after an 8-month-old baby was severely burned that the Department of Children's Services was called to investigate. That child is now recovering at the Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Family members said a relative tripped over the infant, spilling boiling water on her head. Police are now investigating how that happened.

Kathy Newport reached out to Channel 3, concerned about her great granddaughter's safety and wanting answers from authorities. Newport received a phone call around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday saying her great granddaughter was being flown to Georgia, that an accident happened earlier in the day.

Now Newport wants answers on why it took so long to get 8-month-old Josalynn to the hospital.

“How can someone let a baby lay for nine hours. She would have put her in a room to block out the screaming. Nine hours,” said Kathy Newport, as she broke down in tears.

A family member called Kathy Newport Tuesday to say her great-granddaughter was headed into emergency surgery.

“I was like, 'oh my god, what is wrong," Newport recalled. "She got burned. She has third degree burns.”

Newport said 8-month-old Josalynn was at her step-grandmother's house. Newport said the woman was at the stove, tripped over the child, splashing boiling water all over her head.

“It is all her head, her face, behind her ears, that's it. Not constant with any kind of spill. Even if it was hot oil or anything else. It doesn't just land on your head. It drips, goes on your arms or somewhere.”

Family members took Josalynn to Tennova Hospital. Nurses then contacted Child Protective Services to investigate her injuries.

“How anybody can let a baby suffer like that for nine hours,” said Newport.

Josalynn spent three hours in emergency surgery receiving skin graphs and stem cell transplants. Newport is thankful her great-granddaughter is still alive but wants answers.

“Somebody needs to find out why this woman did this, why did she let that baby suffer for nine hours," Newport said. "There is a reason, and I don't know what the reason is; but, I want to know what the reason is.”

Josalynn is out of surgery and is waiting to return home.

It is still unclear if she received any long term injuries. 

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