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What airports and airlines are expecting for the August 21st Solar Eclipse

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Local airports tell Channel 3 they are not expecting a difference in operations on August 21, and flight instruments will not be impacted.

Mark Fidler, Director at Cleveland Regional Airport tells Channel 3, "We are not expecting anything different than what would happen after sunset. We are expecting a complete routine day."

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While flights are scheduled, as usual, Southwest Airlines is taking advantage of the historical event.

The airline has identified five flights that day that will give customers the total viewing experience:

  • #1375 from Seattle to St. Louis, 
  • # 1368 from Portland to St. Louis
  • #1577 from Denver to St. Louis
  • # 301 Denver to Nashville
  • #1969 Denver to Atlanta.

Customers on those flights will get special viewing glasses, cocktails, and will engage on social media during the eclipse, and be able to see the eclipse longer than anyone being above the clouds.

The last Total Solar Eclipse that was visible in parts of the U.S. was February 26, 1979 whose path went through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

The next Partial Solar Eclipse visible in the Tennessee Valley, according to the website Time and Date, will occur on October 14 2023 at 1:08 in the afternoon.

Interesting enough, the next total solar eclipse to occur in the Continental U. S. will be the following year, on April 8, 2024. This will extend from Texas to Maine.

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