UPDATE: A man has been arrested for causing a multi-vehicle crash on Cloud Springs Road Sunday night. 

Fort Oglethorpe PD says that officers were dispatched to a accident where a passenger was ejected. Upon arrival, an officer started tending to the ejected passenger. Officers at the scene called out that the driver was seen running on Cloud Springs Road. Officers were able to find and detain Michael Ashby.

An officer noticed that Ashby was injured from the crash and brought him over to medical personnel to be looked at. The officer stated that he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and body. When questioned about the alcohol smell, Ashby stated he had three beers earlier in the day. The officer noticed that his behavior was very drowsy, his eyes were watery, and speech slurred.

Ashby told the officer that there was a third person in the vehicle and he was in the front passenger seat. Witnesses told officers that Ashby was the driver of the vehicle and the ejected passenger was in the front seat of the vehicle. Both witnesses said there was not a third person in the vehicle. Ashby said he did not remember being in the vehicle or in an accident. 

Officers said due to his injuries they did not administer a sobriety test but asked Ashby for a state administered chemical test of his blood and he agreed. 

Investigators were able to determine that Ashby caused the crash by driving recklessly by accelerating quickly on South Cedar Lane. He was traveling too fast for the conditions when he rear ended a vehicle which caused a car to veer off and cross a ditch which then rested in the gravel lot of Hair Connection. 

During the accident, the ejected passenger landed near the vehicle at its final resting location. Ashby made no attempt to contact EMS to report the accident. The officer found an open container of Jim Beam liquor in the passenger compartment. 

Ashby was arrested and transported to the Catoosa County Detention Center.

Monday, he was released on bail.

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PREVIOUS STORY: One person was arrested in connection to a six vehicle accident in Fort Oglethorpe Sunday evening. 

It happened on South Cedar Lane near Cloud Springs Road around 7:30. 

A Fort Oglethorpe police lieutenant tells our crew on the scene that the person arrested was the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.

He was speeding away from another accident when he went over the hill and ran into another vehicle causing a domino effect with four other vehicles.   

There are multiple injuries and several people were sent to hospital.