School supplies are flooding stores, school lists are out, and that means students will be headed to the classroom before you know it. One Chattanooga church is lending a helping hand to nearly 1,000 kids.

"Scissors, glue, crayons, pencils, and erasers," said upcoming second grader Rilee Young.

School supplies are essential to help a child learn.            

"Without school supplies I won't even be able to write on a piece of paper because I need a pencil!" upcoming 3rd grader Zachariah Gardner exclaimed.

More than 800 kids in Chattanooga received supplies that will help them start the year off right. It was part of Celebration Church's backpack giveaway.

"I'm so excited about that," Gardner said.

The backpacks aren't empty, they are filled with things like paper, pencils, and folders. School supplies put inside the backpack are meant to help throughout the year.

"It's very expensive," said parent Ashley Prather, "From the clothes, to supplies, what the teacher needs, the cleaning supplies, it can be a little pricey."

School supplies can cost hundreds of dollars, and parents said the backpacks help relieve some stress.

It's like Christmas in July basically," Prather said with laughter, "It's awesome."

And the kids getting them, they're pretty excited too.

"I don't have to take my old book bag!" said Young.