UPDATE: Many can relate to that feeling when the cardboard box with a smile arrives at your front door.

However, before they get to you there's a lot of people that make sure your products make it into your hands. The nearly 2,000 employees at the Amazon Chattanooga fulfillment center is growing. They are hoping to add to their local staff to meet higher demands.

"We know that there are some people out of jobs and are looking for something new and Amazon provides a good opportunity for them," Amazon Spokesperson Rena Lunak said.

It's why Teri Rich was first in like looking for a job.

"I knew I needed something to start working, since I just moved here. So I decided to come on out and hopefully get a job today," Rich explained.

Rich hasn't worked full time in several years, making it difficult to support her family.

"Going with assistance to keep food, so it's been a struggle," she said.

She's hoping Amazon's "Jobs Day" will be her big break.

Rich is one of hundreds of people that dropped in, looking to work for one of the areas biggest employers and online retailers.

"It's inspiring for us to be able to see this person purchase these baby bottles and now we're getting them to their door in two days," Lunak said.

It's the company's largest recruiting day ever. Amazon said they're hiring about 100,000 workers nationwide and nearly 1,000 locally.

"We know there are a lot of people buying product and we need a lot of people to fulfill those products," Lunak explained.

The online shopping craze is booming, meaning Amazon needs to hire more people to meet those demands.

It's great news for job seekers like Rich.

"I'm willing to learn whatever they're willing to put me in, hoping for certain things and have money in my pocket again," Rich said.

If you didn't make it to jobs day, you can still apply online at Amazon.com/jobs.

Positions include picking, packing, sorting, labeling and shipping, but you'll be able to choose which position best fits your lifestyle.

PREVIOUS STORY: Amazon plans to make thousands of job offers in just one day as it holds a giant job fair at nearly a dozen warehouses across the U.S., including the Chattanooga fulfillment center.

Those offered jobs on the spot will pack or sort boxes and help ship them to customers. Nearly 40,000 of the 50,000 jobs will be full time. Most of these jobs will count toward Amazon's previously announced goal of adding 100,000 full-time workers by the middle of next year.

Amazon Jobs Day will be held at the retailer's fulfillment center on Discovery Drive from 8:00 a.m. to noon on August 2.

Several thousand employees staff the 1.2 million sq. ft amazon fulfillment center in Chattanooga, and after Wednesday hundreds more will be sorting, packing, and shipping. 

"We are inviting interesting candidates to come down to the center and take a tour; see it for yourself, apply and even receive on the spot job offers," said Amazon Spokesperson, Ali Hutchins. 

Nearly 1,000 full-time and part-time jobs will be split between Chattanooga and Charleston, TN. 

Positions include picking, packing, sorting, labeling and shipping, but you'll be able to choose which position best fits your lifestyle.

Amazon officials say the wages are competitive and shift hour will depend on the job position. 

No prior experience is needed. 

"We offer a comprehensive training for all of our employees. Once they come to work at Amazon all of that training will be taken care of once you come to work for us," said Hutchins. 

Many traditional retailers are closing stores and cutting jobs, but Amazon officials say they need more manpower to match their customer's demands. 

Amazon previously announced a goal of adding 100,000 full-time workers nationwide, by the middle of next year.

"All of our hiring is based on our customer demand so we're hiring based on customer demands. We're super excited that our customers continue to choose to shop on Amazon.com," said Hutchins. 

It's not clear how many seasonal job openings will be posted for the busy holiday season, but Wednesday's Jobs Day should meet the demand for now.   

You will need an ID to attend Amazon Jobs Day. You also have to be 18 and older to apply for a job. 

The following are some important details from Amazon about the event:

  • All candidates are encouraged to dress comfortably. Appropriate attire includes closed-toe, flat heeled shoes, no loose or dangling jewelry and clothing accessories, and hair longer than shoulder length tied up.
  • All candidates should check-in upon arrival
  • All candidates should arrive with the necessary documentation required to complete an I-9

If you're unable to attend the event, click here to apply online.