Not many teams would call a 12-2 season that ended in the 1A state semifinal a disappointing season, but not many teams have expectations as high as South Pittsburg.

Pirates head coach Vic Grider said, "if you were to ask me what was last year, those guys will tell you it was a disappointment because we didn't get to the final game."

South Pittsburg graduated 10 starters, but depth isn't an issue. It rarely is at South Pittsburg.

"We feel good about the guys we got now. They've been waiting on their turn. That's how it is here, we usually have guys that work their way through the program, waiting on their opportunity. We've got 15 or 20 guys that fit that mold. Just waiting on their chance. Their chance is here, gotta line up and play now," said Grider.

South Pittsburgh opens the season at home with Sequatchie County on August 18 at 8:00PM ET.