It's been months since former police chief, Fred Fletcher announced his retirement. 

Many are wondering when a new chief will be named, while others not happy with the three men selected for the job.

Last month a search committee appointed by Mayor Andy Berke chose three finalists from a pool of nearly 50 candidates; Acting Chief David Roddy, Assistant Chief Edwin McPherson, and Commander Todd Chamberlain of the Los Angeles Police Department were selected. 

As city council members wrapped up Tuesday's meeting, one man stepped forward saying he wants someone with a clean slate to become the next top cop, and that the final picks in the running for the position aren't satisfying. 

"David Roddy and Mr. McPherson they're not the ones that we need leading Chattanooga," said a Chattanooga resident. "We need to hold these police officers accountable get someone in here to clean house and then the city can survive. People know who's doing these crimes but nobody wants to tell because they don't have faith in the police department, especially after the young lady that was trying to cooperate with the police department ended up dead." 

A local watchdog group and other community members have pointed out allegations against Roddy, McPherson and Chamberlain. 

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"How can we go on as a city Council; as a city when we don't even have three people that the community absolutely would champion behind," said District 9 councilwoman, Demetrus Coonrod. 

Coonrod has publicly pushed for McPherson to lead the force, but she says she was originally in support of an earlier candidate, Assistant Chief, Danna Vaughn, who withdrew er name from the running. 

"If we could open up the process again and give her an opportunity to apply she most definitely would be my pick," said Coonrod. 

Many hope the new chief will find a way to solve crimes by getting the community involved. 

"I'm very passionate about it because I care. I'm tired of people getting killed in my district; if it's by each other killing each other or the police coming in. It has to stop," said Coonrod. 

 Mayor Berke has not yet selected his choice from the candidates. City council members will still have to approve his choice.