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Local daycare changes daily routine due to heat

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Erlanger's emergency department tells Channel 3, there have been a total of eight heat-related illnesses in the past week.

Most of the complaints ranged from severe sun burn to dehydration.

Dr. Paul Dassow from the University of Tennessee Family Medicine says it doesn't take much.

"They can happen at a temperatures below 90. More than the temperature, the humidity is the biggest factor. For those who are outside, the athletes, when humidity is above 75 %, it may get dangerous," says Dassow.

Channel 3 spoke with Ramona McCoy, the Director of Blooming Pot Daycare about how she keeps her students entertained and safe in this heat.

"We came out about 9 o'clock. We try to beat the heat in the morning time," says McCoy.

Just today, they were only out until 10:45 a.m.

"Water and juice can only do so much. This heat is unbearable," adds McCoy.

In the afternoons her students stay indoors, where there are two floors for the kids to expel their energy.

Heading into the first week of August, it looks like we may get a break in the 90-degree air temperatures.

The Climate Prediction Center released on Monday the Temperature Outlook through the first week of August.

The average temperature in early August is 90 for the Tennessee Valley. This can be deceiving because temperatures will still be in the mid to upper 80s. 

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