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Meigs County man claims his window was shot out while driving

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A terrifying moment for a Meigs County couple, who says a stray bullet hit their driver's side window, while they were driving on Highway 60. Deputies are investigating the incident, but don't believe the couple was targeted.

"The window actually came in about that far and just you heard what sounded like a shot gun went off in your vehicle," said driver Greg Holder. 

Holder says it happened on Highway 60 North before the bridge around 6:30 Friday night. He and his wife were driving to a restaurant in Dayton for dinner. 

"I asked my wife if she's alright and she was fine and then I felt my head to see if I had any holes in my head and I didn't have any holes in my head," said Holder. "She was really upset." 

Holder did not find any evidence of a bullet, but the avid hunter believes it could not have been anything else and witnesses agree.

"There's a lady behind me and she said I thought you was dead, she seen it happen too and she said oh my gosh," said Holder. "Her husband was a police officer and she said I seen what happened, it had to be a gun shot because nothing was thrown up off the road."

Right before the glass shattered, Holder and his wife say they were talking about a church sermon on how life can change in the blink of an eye. 

"Yea very lucky some people said you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, no I was in the right place at the right time or it wouldn't of happened the way it happened," said Holder. 

He calls this a freak accident. He credits faith and good luck for getting his family home safe  

"Always know your surroundings, know where you are at. As beautiful as that place is going across through there, you kind of get lost in the scenery and river," said Holder. " At the same time, where you least expect it can be the place that it happens."

Holder reported the damage to the Meigs County Sheriffs Office. Deputies were not able to confirm what caused the damage. Still, holder has a message for anyone willing to listen. 

"Just make sure when your shooting, you know your bullet is going to be landing into a bank somewhere," said Holder. 

The cause of damage is still under investigation, if you have any information that can help investigators call the Meigs County Sheriffs Office.

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