With thousands more vehicles on the roads in late August to view the Total Solar Eclipse, TDOT is making preparations.

Jennifer Flynn from the Department of Transportation tells Channel 3, "We will be doing messages on our overhead signs. We're working very closely with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency."

TDOT plans on handling the influx of people similar to Bonnaroo. They want everyone to get where they're going BEFORE the eclipse happens.

Flynn says "We just want to make sure that the people who are having to travel on the roadways during the eclipse will continue to do so."

After 1 p.m. eastern, when the Partial Eclipse begins, high traffic volume could create some problems for those trying to get where they're going. If you find yourself on the roads during this time, TDOT suggest you keep moving.

"Don't stop on the interstate to watch the eclipse while it's happening," says Flynn.

Emergency response vehicles will need to be able to get by, and stopping on the interstate could result in a ticket. TDOT is also asking drivers to avoid any distractions.

"To look at the eclipse, you need these special glasses, but we don't want people driving with these special glasses on," states Flynn.

To view TDOT'S new PSA click on the link here: http://www.tn.gov/tdot