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UPDATE: Northpoint Boulevard re-paving schedule shifted, problems with road cited

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UPDATE: Citing "unforeseen subsurface conditions" found during the repaving process, the city of Chattanooga has changed their scheduling for the repair work on Northpoint Boulevard.

The work will now be done in three phases, with different sections being closed for each phase. 

Phase 1: start 7/31 - 8/4
CDOT will begin working on Northpoint Blvd. at Hwy 153. The road will be closed from Hwy 153 to Bank of America. All of these businesses will have secondary access points. 

Phase 2: 8/7 - 8/11
BOA / HomeAway area
The only business with one entrance is HomeAway Extended stay, CDOT will work with the manager to ensure access by their customers. 

Phase 3: 8/14 -8/23 
Northpoint Blvd. will be fully closed from Bank of America to Hixson Pike. All businesses within the closure will have secondary access points.

 PREVIOUS STORY: Construction on one bumpy Hixson Road is underway. Repaving Northpoint Boulevard began July 23 and is expected to last a few weeks.

"It's almost like an obstacle course," said Zacary Zumbrunn, "That's what I refer to it as."

An obstacle course made up of potholes and bumps, and one that has plagued Hixson drivers for years, damaging cars and slowing traffic.

"It's kind of a hassle every time you have to drive it just because the road is so messed up," explained Zumbrunn.

Zumbrunn is a delivery driver and takes the road all the time. He said he is worried about the wear and tear on his car.

However, relief is finally in sight. The City of Chattanooga attempted to bring the 13 private companies that own the stretch of road together to maintain it. Now, the City will take ownership of the road and spend roughly $600,000 repairing it.

Providing upgrades city officials argue are crucial for the thousands of people who travel the road each day. And it's not just drivers happy about the project.

Stephen Johnson often takes a longer route to avoid the road when riding his bike.

"During the day I just tend to stay out of the line of traffic," said Johnson. Taking the smooth route because Johnson believes, "the pot holes are just ridiculously huge."

So the construction project is welcomed in Hixson by many.

"It's about time too," Johnson said through some laughter. 

"I think it will be a relief to everyone in Hixson," Zumbrunn agreed.

The construction starts July 23 and could take up to two weeks.

PREVIOUS STORY: A fix is on the way for one Hixson Road, known for its potholes and problems. The city of Chattanooga plans to repair Northpoint Boulevard, to prevent any further damage to cars. 

Officials say a stretch of the roadway is privately-owned and it has been neglected for years. 

"It's by far the worst road in my district and one of the worst in the entire city," said Councilman Ken Smith, District 3. 

City leaders plan to announce details of the project early Thursday morning, but work is already underway.

The signs announcing the work were welcomed by people in this area, who say this was a very long time coming. 

"So we had a lot of citizens that would hit them, break tires, break rims and it wasn't uncommon at all to see serious car damage," said Smith. 

Ken Smith takes complaints about potholes on Northpoint Boulevard almost every day. Channel 3 has reported on the issue in the past when drivers had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for repairs.

The city owns two-thirds of Northpoint Boulevard and according to a 1988 road contribution agreement, the rest is owned by 13 private businesses.

City leaders asked all of the owners to split the hefty bill for repairs, but only one business agreed. Smith tells Channel 3, the city will now take full ownership of the road and make the needed repairs.

"It's really been a long process of getting everybody on board and going through all of the necessary legal issues and what not for the city to be able to go ahead and take it over," said Smith. "I drive the road all the time and I would see cars swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid holes and at some time you need to quit pointing fingers and just take responsibility and say this is a public safety issue and we are going to address it, if nobody else is."

Officials say an agreement with business owners allows the city to take full ownership without spending any tax dollars to acquire the property, but the overall project of repairing the road may cost $600-700k. 

"My car bounces and moves when you hit one of those so if a car is close enough to you, it could cause you to run into it and hit it," said driver Glenda Hames. 

That's money drivers like Glenda Hames say is worth spending.

"Please get these pot holes fixed soon," said Hames. 

Drivers should expect to see periodic road closures along Northpoint Boulevard starting this Sunday from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. until August 7th. After the project is complete the city will then be responsible for maintaining this stretch of roadway.

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