Andrew Fudge won free tickets to watch the Nashville Predators play in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. The only problem is, he didn't know he won them. 

Back in June, the convenience store, Twice Daily held a promotion where it would give away free tickets to the Stanley Cup Final. The rules, per the website, are as follows: "visit a twice daily location and show your twice daily Preds pride by taking a picture in your Preds gold. Post on twitter with #TDPreds to be entered to win tickets into Smashville."

Fudge saw this promotion, decided he'd give it a shot, and posted his photo on Twitter.

He must not have thought he'd have a chance to win, because he didn't check his twitter account in the following days. He only realized he was the winner over a month later, well after the final was already over. 

Fudge realized his mistake Monday, and posted the proof.