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Community concert pays tribute to Fallen Five

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A community concert paid tribute to Chattanooga's five fallen heroes on Sunday.

It was held at the Tennessee Riverpark to honor the servicemen who sacrificed their lives two years ago.

As people reflect on what happened, they said the bond in the community is stronger than ever.

There's a different spirit in the air as people remember the Fallen Five.

Mayor Andy Berke said the city has grieved, but now the families of the four marines and sailor want the community to celebrate their lives.

"Let's remember Sullivan, Wyatt, Holmquist, Wells, and Smith. Five great Americans who served our country and are also part of our city's history," Mayor Andy Berke said.

July 16th of 2015 is still vivid for some people like Cassandra Montgomery.

She worked at a business near the Naval Reserve Center on the day of the terrorist attack.

"It was a terrifying day. We were actually even on lockdown," Cassandra Montgomery of Chattanooga said.

She was one of several volunteers who helped put together the Chattanooga Strong Community Concert.

That phrase, Chattanooga Strong, was seen on t-shirts, a banner, and the sidewalk. Montgomery called it touching.

"Just coming out and helping and supporting the troops and their families. Just being part of this is just something that's very overwhelming," Montgomery said.

"Today's a special day and it's a hard day," Garrett Wright of Chattanooga said.

That's because Garrett Wright said he knew some of the servicemen who were killed.

He said his dad works at the Naval Reserve Center. When he learned what happened that day, he feared for his dad's life, but later found out he was out of town.

Strength after a tragedy is what makes Wright proud to live in the Scenic City.

"Seeing all these people out here, gathering around two years later, it means a lot," Wright said.

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