The Tennessee Valley has had over 3" of rain since July 1, and over 8" of rain above average since January 1. This has sprouted many plants, and some have worked out, others not so much.

Channel 3 spoke with Lisa Lemza and Sally Wencel, President and Vice President of the Tennessee Valley Wild Ones. 

"A lot of the plants people put in their yards, they die, and they go, 'I can't grow anything', well this plant came from Eurasia, sometimes the Mediterranean, sometimes South Africa . It's not gonna live here unless the gardener takes extraordinary measures," says Lemza.

The two tell Channel 3 there are several perennial and annual options to plant now, especially when some homeowners are dealing with puddling from this wet season.

Lisa says. "It's a great time with all this much saturation and rain, for a home owner to go out and look at their downspout, see where the water is coming out, see where there are dips and low spots and where it's possibly gathering."

Some great options include 'Touch Me Not Jewelweed, the Blanket Flower, and the Partridge Pea. Both are moisture retentive and drought tolerant plants.

The Tennessee Wild Ones tell Channel 3, if you buy an exotic plant and it dies, many go out and buy a new one. The more people educate themselves on what thrives in East Tennessee, the more money and time they will save while having a flourishing garden at any time of year.

For tips on landscaping and your garden, click here to visit Tennessee Wild Ones.