Bullying incidents are on the decline in Hamilton County schools, according to the 2016-17 Bullying Compliance Report.  Karen Glenn, director of Students Taking a Right Stand (STARS) and Safe Schools Learning Environment, is releasing the report to School Board members on Thursday.

The data shows the number of reported bullying incidents declined from 684 in 2015-16, to 615 last year.  Of those reported incidents last year, 217 were confirmed, compared to 322 during the previous school year.  

During the 2016-17 school year, officials report 23 incidents based on race, color, or national origin, 29 based on sex or gender, and 6 based on disability. There were 56 reports of bullying incidents involving use of electronic technology.  

The number of incidents involving short-term suspensions (less than ten days) declined considerably last year.  There were 146 such suspensions in 2015-16, but only 88 last year.

However, longer term suspensions (ten days or more) increased from 5 to 23 last year.

There were 155 incidents that involved disciplinary incidents other suspension last year, compared to 195 the year before.

The district reports that 979 staff members attended professional development classes in Olweus Bullying Prevention, and Restorative Practices.

Also 1,072 Hamilton County students attended training sessions, while 157 parents and community members attended forums.

Among the anti-bullying goals for the 2017-18 school year are a webinar training session, a program to focus on secondary schools, a youth summit, and a district-wide parent/community forum.