Construction has begun at one of Downtown's popular landmarks. Miller Park will be closed until July 2018 for renovations.

City officials say the $8.5 million overhaul will bring the park a new feel. However, the improvements don't come without inconvenience for people downtown.

The Miller Park that Chattanoogans know will be buried under the newly redesigned park. It is part of a $14 million project to revamp MLK Boulevard.

It's a common theme in Downtown Chattanooga. “I think it will be worth it, I think it will be worth it,” said Jimmy John’s employee, Harlan Groves.

Our Sky 3 drone shows construction is underway at Miller Plaza. Crews began work, earlier this week. “It is not an inconvenience for me. I notice a lot of people use this and people sit here. So, I hope it don't take a long time for them. I hope they don't drag their feet,” said Tim Jones.

It's a 12-month project to overhaul the 40-year-old park. Chattanoogans believe it will be worth the wait. “Chattanooga is doing a great job on improving itself. A lot of big and great things that is coming to downtown. I love it.”

Sidewalks are closed to pedestrians, and traffic will be restricted during certain times throughout the construction. But area businesses said they aren't feeling an impact. “Most of the construction is contained within the park. Doesn't spill out into the streets at all,” said Groves.

It's just another way the city is working to utilize the downtown area. “It is always nice to see Chattanooga pouring money into the city, just beautifying it. It will be nice to come to work and see something new at Miller Plaza.”

Miller Park is set to reopen on July 3rd 2018.