The fieldhouse at Lookout Valley Middle and High school is getting a makeover. There's a new coaching office and locker room with new air conditioning units and lockers for students, just in time for football practice. 

Students and players can thank their own coaches for taking matters into their own hands, from the fundraising to the actual labor. 

The coaching staff has been working since June, to fix up the school's old football fieldhouse. 

Officials say the building used by 100 middle and high school students each year was outdated and cramped.

"I remember coming in sometimes and they would have their shirts and their book backs sitting on lawnmowers and then we'd take lawnmowers out to mow and this place would fill up with fumes so it wasn't a good situation," said Head Coach Lance Rorex.  
Rorex tells Channel 3 the lockers were falling apart and players had no escape from the heat. 

"It was hot, August, June, July August was miserable," said Rorex. " You came in here and you didn't want to tell the kids that they're going to have to fight through the heat inside too." 

Lookout Valley is often overlooked when it comes to athletic funding. The school is not in an affluent community, and residents often feel neglected when it come to projects outside the classroom.

With little money to make a difference, the coaches decided to raise the money and do the work themselves. 

"It wasn't a place where they could come and hang out and be a team," said Assistant Coach Chad Rogers. "It just hit me that instead of just griping or being disappointed, what can I do to help out." 

In all Rogers and Rorex helped they raise more than $3,500 dollars. They say volunteers showed up too, helping them to knock down walls and build new ones.

There's now a private locker room, with brand new lockers to be built very soon and room for storage.

Rogers admits it hasn't been easy, but he says it's important to the students of Lookout Valley.

"They deserve the best, they deserve just as much as any other kids," said Rogers. "We don't want to be prideful, l but we want to give back a little pride." 

It's a fresh coat of paint and perspective on solving problems. Anything is possible, when enriching the lives of your students, is a labor of love.

"We've got kids that come from home lives that aren't great so for us to come out here and say alright we've got you this nice facility that we're trying to make for you, we're going to be role models for you and have your back and if you need us call us that's huge," said Rorex. " It's so much more than football, this stuff relates to life. To see them come in here and see their faces light up, that's what it's all about," said Rorex. " I hope they see that we did this for them." 

The coaches are thankful for everyone who donated materials and volunteered their time. 

"It motivates me as a coach and as a parent and we're hoping that that translates into motivation for the kids," said Rogers. 

"Without the community's help, volunteers and donations that we've received, we couldn't have made this happen," said Rorex. 

Despite all the improvements that have been made, there's still work to be done, with football season six weeks away.  Lookout Valley needs craftsmen and volunteers who can help with painting, construction of lockers and pressure washing. To find out more about how you can help, email Coach Lance Rorex at :