A Walker County veteran will travel across the country to honor Chattanooga’s Fallen Five. On the two-year anniversary of the terrorist attack, the Air Force veteran will begin his journey from Chattanooga to San Francisco.

While on the road, Joshua Kapellusch hopes to remind the nation of the fallen heroes and their sacrifice. He will travel 5,000 miles in five days. It's in honor of the five fallen heroes from the Chattanooga terrorist attack.

With the flip of a switch, Kapellusch is ready to drive his ‘Blazer of Glory’ across country.

“Five different types of fuels, five days, to honor the Fallen Five,” said Joshua Kapellusch.

The names of Chattanooga’s Fallen Five are written across the car. It's Josh's way of making sure the Sailor and four Marines are never forgotten.

“It is about the families, and the community. Chattanooga was impacted, and the community. It is important that we remember all of that and we don't forget,” said Kapellusch.

It’s an idea that came to the Air Force veteran days following the July 2015 attacks.

“For me it’s a way to honor them, something that is greater than myself, and help heal the community the best way I see fit,” said Kapellusch.

Kapellusch will leave from the recruiting center on Lee Highway, travel past the reserve center on Amnicola, and finish his journey on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

“Carry the fight on; no one wants to go to work and get shot in the back like these guys did," Kapellusch said. "We fight our battles on a battlefield, not in our backyard.”

Once there, he plans to hang an American flag. It's not just any American flag, it’s the one Josh saved from the memorial outside the Reserve Center.

“We took the trip last year; we made it," Kapellusch said. "We hung the flag off the bridge, flew it, had a moment there and folded it back up and it hasn't been unfolded since.”

Josh plans to leave on Sunday around noon. Keep up with his journey on the "Fallen Five Drive" Facebook page.

You can also click here to send an email to Joshua Kapellusch.

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