(11Alive/WXIA-TV) And they say true love doesn't exist.

Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong are two Atlanta Hawks fans who met at the team's original "Swipe Right Night" back in 2015.

For McCleskey, Armstrong was his 393rd match on Tinder, and that one was the charm.

After meeting at the team's Tinder Night, which has become one of the most popular promotions in sports, the couple went to several more Hawks game together.

They even returned for Tinder Night 2.0, but this time they weren't swiping left of right, but instead ended up in the Harry's Love Nest. The Hawks said that's when the team's CEO Steve Koonin told them that if they got married, he'd host the wedding on his dime.

The couple, now together for two years, has a young child and have decided to tie the knot.

Your Atlanta Hawks: building a team, building love.

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