A strong storm on Saturday caused significant flash flooding at the Imagination Station playground in Collegedale.The large portion of the play area has been roped off, leaving only the smaller playground for kids to use for at least a couple more days.

Five-year-old, Sophie Elgin was a little disappointed about some of the playground being closed on Monday.

"I was really ready to swing on those big swings and play on those moving things," says Sophie.

The flood waters washed mulch everywhere and the area turned quite muddy. Sophie's mom, Stephanie, had no idea it had gotten that bad. With a little less for Sophie to do, they had to make a minor adjustment to their plans.

"We were down here and went to the Dollar Tree and came over here. We were going to have lunch," explains Stephanie. "So we just made it a little shorter of a trip."

Only a few miles south on Quail Mountain Drive in East Brainerd, Moises Perdomo and his father, Julio, had just finished mowing their lawn when the storm hit. They say flooding in the neighborhood has gotten worse with each heavy rain ever since construction started on the Sky Falls subdivision behind their home about a year ago.

"As soon as they started working it rained for a couple days straight and it got really high. From that tree over there to that tree right there, that was about how full it was," says Moises, pointing to the trees which are about 50 feet apart.

The Perdomos say at one point the water was knee-deep on Saturday and knocked down part of their fence. They say there used to be a retention pond and vegetation on what is now the construction site. These used to help control flood waters. The Perdomos have called county officials for help with only minimal results.

"They got them to plant some grass and put some rocks down so it could help, but it hasn't helped that much," explains Moises.

Back at Imagination Station, new mulch is expected to arrive soon. According to the City of Collegedale's Facebook page, the Public Works Department hopes to have the rest of Imagination Station open by Wednesday. Look for updates on that Facebook page.