Chairs are emptied and packed away in McMinn County, but volunteers and officials with Remote Area Medical, RAM, celebrated a successful weekend.

"This weekend was absolutely amazing!" exclaimed Jeff Eastman, RAM CEO, "We had over 900 patients."

Volunteers administered over $450,000 of medical care at no cost to patients over the weekend, according to Eastman.

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This included free dental cleanings, eye exams and glasses, and of course healthcare.

"No matter where you are on healthcare issue, dental and vision aren't covered," said Eastman, "70 percent of our patients are here for dental."
There have been three RAM clinics in the East Tennessee area so far this year and there's another one planned for September.

"We do clinics all the way from Florida to California," said Eastman, "But this area, there's a lot of need and we really like to work close to home."

It takes a lot to make the free clinics happen.

Nearly 400 volunteers gave their time in McMinn County to help serve a portion of the 32,500 patients RAM helps every year.

"Over 10,500 volunteers delivering over $10 million worth of free medical care," Eastman added.

Each year Eastman pushes his team to treat even more patients.

Its care he said wouldn't be possible without community support from volunteers and donations, which pay for the clinic supplies

"I don't have to do this, I want to do this," urged Eastman.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to RAM click here.

The next RAM clinic will be in East Ridge at Camp Jordan starting September 30th.