Summer is here and the temperatures are quickly rising, not only outside but also inside of vehicles. 

Doctors at Children's Hospital at Erlanger want to make sure parents are protecting their most precious cargo: their children.

Friday, doctors spoke about the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car and reminded parents to "look before you lock."

Doctors say the number of hot car deaths is on the rise. Just this year, 18 children have died nationally. No deaths have been reported in the state of Tennessee this year.

During the event, doctors preformed a test to see just how hot a car can get. The temperature outside was 93 degrees and the temperature inside the car exceeded 140 degrees.

"When a child is left in a car that is heating up, they, number one, don't have the ability to cool their bodies off," Dr. Darwin Koller tells Channel 3. "They also will heat up three to five times more quickly than an adult."

Tennessee is ranked sixth in the nation for hot car deaths.