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What the Tech? Facebook Wi-Fi

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You're out and need to send some e-mails or just want to listen to some music on Pandora or Spotify while you work, and you're walking or driving around looking for free Wi-Fi.

Facebook has introduced something to help; we'll call it Wi-Fi radar.

You'll see it on the main Facebook page on a mobile device.

Look for the "more" tab. Tap it, then scroll down to the "explore" section where you'll see "find Wi-Fi." 

The app needs permission to use your location, which is perfectly fine.

It may run down your battery slightly faster but you can turn it back off.

Just follow the prompts.

It'll open a map of your location. The red dots mean there's a business that offers free Wi-Fi.

Tap on one to get the name, address, directions and the option to visit the business' Facebook page.

What's great is that on the map and business name, it'll show the name of their Wi-Fi network.

That's a safety measure so you don't log on to a network that could steal your information.

Facebook gets all of this information from the businesses' Facebook pages if they've entered their Wi-Fi information.

"Find Wi-Fi" will do the search automatically based on your location; but, you can also adjust the map to somewhere else, like if you're going out of town on business or vacation.

Select an area, and search.

There are free find Wi-Fi apps in both app stores, but, I think Facebook's Wi-Fi radar is better than all the others.

It's in the latest update to Facebook for iPhones and Android apps.

If you don't see it under the more tab, you should update to the latest version.

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