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Locals playing in $2-million hoops tourney with plans to invest in Chattanooga's youth

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It's a tournament so big it's simply called "The Basketball Tournament." Founded in 2014 it's not rich in history but winning it will fill your wallet. It's a 64-team, winner take all $2-million tournament on ESPN and there's a team from Chattanooga led by a few very familiar faces.

Former Tyner Academy guard Trey Suttles said, "if we win $2-million I will change my community."

Former UTC guard Ricky Taylor added, "I would first pay my tithe and offering to the church and try to build something new." 

Former CSAS and UTC guard Dontay Hampton chimed in with much of the same. Those are three of 11 players, all with one thing in common: show up, show out, bring $2-million back to Chattanooga and invest it in the cities future, our youth.

Suttles said, "a lot of kids don't have somebody behind them to push them. After we finish we actually are trying to turn this into a non profit."

The road to $2-million will not be paved for the hometown boys dubbed Chattanooga Trenches, they're squared up with the back-to-back defending champs, Overseas Elite.

"It's a situation that you gotta deal with man," said Suttles.

Hampton added, "they don't expect us, don't know who we are. We're sneaky."

The team was hand picked by Suttles who like Taylor played overseas, "I honestly felt like i was putting together the best team in this tournament. I'm not putting together a team to come in second, second place don't get no money."

"We have all the pieces. The height, the size, the point guards, the shooters," said Taylor.

They've played a few smaller tournaments together, but nothing of this magnitude. Every game will be on one of the ESPN networks.

Unlike Hampton and Taylor; Suttles has never repped the 423 while playing, so to do it on this stage, "it means everything, I've never played for a school or team with my city on my chest. I actually got it on my shoulders but now it's gonna be on my chest. It's more about the name on the front than the name on the back for this one."

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