A small group met Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price as he arrived outside CADAS Thursday morning. 

Protesters of the Talk to Us Rally wanted to highlight that they feel like local elected officials weren't listening to them. 

The small group gathered outside with signs and umbrellas. 

They're here in protest against President Donald Trump's healthcare bill. 

Dr. Brent Morris was one of those protesters. 

As a pediatrician in Chattanooga for the last four decades, he's seen healthcare change a lot but he believes the new healthcare bill would not only be bad for Americans but also Tennesseans. 

He believes a lot of Americans will die if the new bill is passed. 

"They're salesmen. They're insurance salesmen is what they are. They're trying to pass off something that really doesn't work for this county, this state, this nation. And they're telling us that it's good," he said. 

The group is also protesting because they feel like they haven't been given a voice in the construction of the new measure. 

They want to encourage elected officials to listen to their constituents and work with people from both sides of the aisle.