The pilot of a twin-engine plane that crashed in Northwest Georgia over the weekend was overdue for a medical exam, according to documents on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.

Four people died in the crash including a husband and wife and her two young grandchildren.

The victims include Dexter Lee Gresham, 55, his wife Mary Jo Yarbrough, 61, both of Etowah, and her two 10-year-old grandchildren, Austin Day and Kinsley Wilson, both of Mississippi.

Investigators say the Piper PA 23 “broke up” in mid-air before the crash.

According to FAA records, Yarbrough was the owner of the plane.

Documents show Gresham had been a pilot for many years but was two months overdue for a medical exam. His last one was in May of 2015, according to the website.

His FAA Airman Certification indicates he was not instrument rated which means he hadn’t received the many hours of training to fly in poor visibility conditions.

It was stormy on Saturday when the plane went down in Murray County.

It could still be several days before the NTSB releases its preliminary crash report.