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UPDATE: Chattanooga police investigating rash of home break-ins in MLK area

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Chattanooga police are investigating a string of break-ins over the last month at homes in the MLK Boulevard area.

Police say the first round of break-ins happened between June 4 and June 20 during the overnight hours. The second round of break-ins happened in broad daylight from June 20 to July 2.

Investigators say the person or persons responsible hit five of the homes by using a door. A window was used in the other three cases.

Police say most of the stolen items were electronics and in one case jewelry was also taken.

Wednesday, the Chattanooga Police Department met with the MLK Neighborhood Association to address the incidents. 

One resident says he caught two people in the act and called police. 

"The two suspects in the back we're trying to get in this lady's house in the back and they saw me and he took off running...one of them dropped their phone," said Fredrick Holland. "People work hard for their stuff they don't want to come home house broken in and or even for an intruder to get in the house." 

Another resident, Brenda Gates, says her home was targeted last month. 

"I just hate that it's in my neighborhood that's what I hate. You hear it happening everywhere else, but now it's in my neighborhood," said Gates. "All of my windows don't have alarms on them and I'm going to get them put on all of my windows; every one of them." 

No arrests have been made in the cases.

If you have any information, please call the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

Police shared these tips to help protect you and your property: 

  • Work Together
    • Notify others in your home or building of anything suspicious or out of the ordinary
    • Have regular conversations with neighbors about things you notice or patterns that have changed
    • Form a Neighborhood Watch group with others in the area
    • Advertise that Neighborhood Watch group - flyers in the neighborhood, social media, word of mouth
  • Within your Home
    • Keep expensive items away from entryways
    • Minimize amount of cash you keep on premises
    • Make sure locks on doors & windows are functioning properly; deadbolts on doors are preferable
    • Use interior & exterior lighting including motion sensor lighting
    • Install security cameras &/or alarm system
    • Lock doors routinely when leaving your home
  • Other Options
    • Trim hedges & trees around the property
    • Install security cameras &/or video doorbell system
    • Light inside & outside of home or apartment building including garage or parking lots
    • If in an apartment/condo complex, ask management to consider hiring after-hours security officers
    • Contact CPD for security assessment of your home. We can offer suggestions specific to your residence.
    • Make your address visible so emergency vehicles can easily find your place

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