UPDATE: Officials in LaFayette confirm that a serial arsonist is intentionally setting buildings on fire. 

Firefighters say within the past two weeks two fires in the city have been ruled arson. 

Officials say this is the fifth abandoned building that has been set on fire intentionally. 

This is not the first serial arsonist case in LaFayette, in 2010, a 32-year-old LaFayette volunteer firefighter confessed to torching dozens of vacant houses. 

Marvin Chase confessed to 30 arsons over a five year period. 

Police believed the motive for setting fires was money. As a volunteer, Chase received a stipend for every fire he helped fight.

PREVIOUS STORY: A fire has damaged a downtown building in Lafayette, and now officials are trying to figure out who started it.

The fire started at an abandoned building on West Villanow Street around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

A person driving by noticed smoke and called 911. 

Lafayette Fire and Police responded within minutes to put out the flames.

Currently, the cause of the fire is arson. Officials say there was no power at the location. They do not believe it was caused by fireworks.

Previously the building was home to an insurance company and then a law firm.

Right now there's no word on the extent of the damage. It was contained to one area. No one was injured.

On Wednesday, the State Fire Marshall and Lafayette Police Detectives will be on scene to continue to investigate.

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