Bledsoe County Schools Superintendent Jennifer Terry tells Channel 3 the Bledsoe County High School's band program will be reinstated.

Terry says the school board voted  to bring back the band program in a meeting Monday night. Marching band will be after school for grades 7-12. 

In May, the school board voted to cut the band because of district-wide budget cuts. Band members performed what they thought would be their last concert a few days later. 

Alumnus, Cameron Hankins, says he was excited to hear the news. 

"Some kids don't want to deal with everything about school, but band is enough for them to stay," said Hankins. "When it first got announced that the band was cut that first week was very hectic, very long. Throughout this whole time many of the school board members were told how many people wanted to join, how many of their kids wanted to join and for example some of the parents at the meeting said look I wanted my kids to join next semester but because of this they can't." 

Terry says the board also voted to reinstate the middle school music program and allow 5th graders to participate.