Drivers in Tennessee now have the option of getting a license plate for their vehicles that includes "In God We Trust."

Tuesday, Hamilton County Clerk Bill Knowles announced that Tennessee law now authorizes issuance of an optional standard vehicle registration plate that includes the words "In God We Trust."

Knowles said, “A supply of the plates has been received in the Clerk’s Office and is ready for issuance upon request."

“The law regulating the new plate calls for a one-time $2.00 fee to swap an existing plate prior to the plate expiration date plus the normal $2.50 registration fee," Knowles said. “The $2.00 special fee is a one-time charge for swapping, renewing a current registration, or making application for a vehicle title."

Once the $2.00 fee is paid a motorist may renew the special registration at the standard $29 registration fee stipulated in the IMPROVE ACT signed into law by Governor Haslam.

The new plate does not require higher fees as do other specialty plates.

Click here for more information from the Hamilton County Clerk's Office.