The last thing you want on these hot summer days is for your air conditioner to die. Channel 3 spoke with Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning, and they gave us some helpful tips to make your HVAC unit last longer. 

"There's only been two or maybe three days that they haven't had a job for me to do." Ryan McCaffrey of Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning tells Channel 3. The guys at reliable heating and air conditioning have been busy.

They say depending on how you care for your HVAC unit, like anything else, results in how long it lasts. It's a good idea to make sure bushes are trimmed away to increase air flow.

Some extra tips include:

  • Keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature, only straying three degrees during the day. It may seem like you're saving energy, but turning the AC off is counter productive. The furniture gets warm, humidity rises, and your AC results in working harder in the evening.
  • Second, is to get it cleaned by a professional
  • Make sure the HVAC unit is checked twice a year

McCaffrey says their clients have been grateful, "we have some people that we get it done, and won't work for tips, but they'll come back outside and give us each 20 dollars just for staying there all day an working hard."

Reliable tells Channel 3 Eyewitness News that if you start to feel cool air coming from the HVAC unit, that indicates there is a problem. Give them or any local company a call and get it replaced.