Family and friends are devastated after a couple and their two grandchildren died in a plane crash.

Last Saturday night, Dexter Lee Gresham, 55, was flying in a plane with his wife, MJ Yarbrough, 61, and their 2 grandchildren, Austin Day and Kingsley Wilson, both 10 years old.

Investigators said the plane crashed around 4:45 in Murray County.

"No. It ain't real," said Grisham's friend and co-worker David Armstrong.

"This morning is when the bad news got to me," he recalled.

Monday morning Armstrong showed up to work, but his coworker and friend who would usually greet him was not there.

That's when he learned Gresham had died in the plane crash.

"That's his truck that he drove everyday," Armstrong pointed out, "Still got his stuff in it."

The truck sits as a harsh reminder to Armstrong that his friend is gone.

Armstrong said the family was flying back to Tennessee. Gresham and Yarbrough lived in Etowah. 

NTSB investigators said the twin engine Piper PA-23 plane broke up in mid air and crashed, no one survived.

"Lee and MJ," Armstrong said tearfully, "I've lost good friends. They'll be in my heart forever."

It's emotional, but Armstrong said the couple died doing what they loved.. flying.

"They'd take off and just fly everywhere, just to go eat, they just loved flying," Armstrong remembered, "We're devastated. We lost a good friend, and just, it's bad."

Armstrong said the family was always in good spirits, and that's how he wants the community to remember them.

The NTSB and FAA officials are still investigating the crash.