UPDATE: Garbage routes may run a little later than usual after a weekend fire damaged three garbage trucks. 

About a quarter of the city's garbage trucks sit in a garage, unable to hit the road. 

"It may take us just a little bit longer, with the manual collection it does take a bit more time to get it all picked up," Public Works Administrator Justin Holland said. 

Five of the city's 18 garbage trucks were damaged in a weekend fire. 

Three of those will have to be replaced. 

Holland said he's going to lease trucks in the meantime to continue with scheduled pickups. 

"There are places where we can rent garbage trucks from that will continue to provide our service more efficiently," he added. 

Originally crews thought the fire started in some nearby grass but now crews believe it may have started with one of the trucks and may be electrical in nature. 

It will be the job of investigators to figure out for sure. 

Damage is estimated to be around $1 million. Insurance will pick up some of those costs but it will be up to taxpayers to foot the rest. 

This is the same facility that experienced a wall collapse two months ago. 

Six vehicles were damaged when the collapse happened during a storm. 

Holland said settlements were made with each vehicle owner. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Originally dispatched as a grass fire, Chattanooga firefighters responded to the 1,000 block of 12 Street to find several Chattanooga garbage trucks ablaze.

Ten trucks were parked side-by-side under a metal roof inside a closed, fenced area.

Firefighters had to force open the locked gate to extinguish the fire with hand-held hose lines, squelching the blazes in under 20 minutes according to the Chattanooga Fire Department.

They then had to address the contaminated runoff from the trucks, which included oil and fuel. 

Five trucks in total were damaged, with the initial estimate of damage being $1 million dollars.

PREVIOUS STORY: A fire broke out at the Chattanooga Public Works facility damaging several garbage trucks.

Chattanooga firefighters say it happened just before 7:00pm on Sunday on 12th Street. Crews forced open the locked gate to get close enough to the burning trucks.

Firefighters put out the fire in less than 20 minutes. They said they had to control the contaminated runoff from the trucks that included fuel and oil.

Firefighters said five trucks were damaged. It's unclear what started the fire, but damages are estimated at $1 million dollars for the five trucks.