If your holiday road trip includes taking your pet, "petMD" has a few suggestions to make your trip as safe as possible for you and your furry traveler. 

First, a pet carrier; no matter what size your pet is it will be better off in a travel crate.

Make sure that you tie the crate down, either on the floor of the back seat or on the back seat with the seat belt.

Keep your pet out of the front seat. Even if your dog is big enough for the passenger side seat belt to fit over him or her, your pet would still be at risk if the airbag deployed and could slid over or under the belt.

Attach a detailed travel tag with all of your contact information on your pet's collar, even if your animal is micro-chipped or tattooed.

Bring sufficient pet food and water for the entire trip. Don't try out any new foods or treats.

And finally, make a pet emergency kit.

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