Nearly 800,000 Tennesseans are expected to hit the road for the July 4th holiday weekend, and travelers will see the cheapest gas prices in more than a decade, but those low prices may not last forever.

It's a routine drivers know all too well, but filling up on East Brainerd Road doesn't cost nearly what it did this time last year.

"Right now they're doing pretty good," driver Bryan Pierce said about gas prices as he filled up his truck, "I'm liking that they're down below two dollars."

Another driver, Todd Hunt, even plans his commute around this gas station and its prices.

"Coming here every week to this gas station, I save $10 a week," said Hunt, who drives roughly 45 minutes to the gas station, "So I save $40 a month just by coming here."

Gas prices are also expected to be about 12-cents lower this July 4th holiday than they were on New Year's Day.

"It's probably been I'd say at least 10 years since I remember it being this low around a holiday," recalled Pierce.

July 4th travelers will actually see the cheapest prices in 12 years.

"I hope they stay that low!" Pierce exclaimed.

While the price of gas may be lower, the tax you pay for each gallon will soon increase.

On Saturday, July 1st the new gas tax will take effect.

The tax places an additional 4-cent increase on gas per gallon this year.

So if gas was advertised as $1.78 per gallon on Thursday, by Saturday it would be $1.82.

The tax will help pay for road projects in the state.

A seemingly small change that drivers said will impact their wallets.

"With gas prices going back up it's going to make it a little bit more difficult for a lot of us to be able to afford gas," said Pierce.

If you want to keep track of the lowest gas prices in our area, check out Channel 3's Fuel Finder.