A meat clever and nunchucks are just a couple of the prohibited items TSA agents have surrendered here at security of the Chattanooga Airport. 

Whenever someone tries to get through security with one of these things, it means it will be longer for you to make it to your gate. 

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Forty pounds of items have been surrendered here in just the last two weeks. 

One of those included a gun bringing the total number of firearms taken by police in Chattanooga to 11. 

That's up compared to last year and reflects a growing trend seen nationally. 

TSA agents believe more people traveling coupled with more people carrying guns is the reason for the increase. 

"Bringing it to the checkpoint is really the wrong way to do it, but you can take it. TSA doesn't want to infringe on anyone's rights to take a gun with them when they travel. We just want to make sure it's put in a checked bag and packed safely," Mark Howell with TSA said. 

"You can't reach and grab a knife out of your checked bag because it gets a tag and it goes under the plane. So anything like that that you want to keep, you can put it in checked bag because you can't readily access it," Andrea Wiren with TSA added. 

One of the most common prohibited items surrendered wine bottle openers. 

It's because of the small knife that comes on them. 

But you can bring a corkscrew in your carry-on luggage. 

Also a good reminder for the 4th of July holiday weekend-- fireworks. 

They are not allowed in your carry-on or in your checked baggage.

Help save some time at the security gate and check the TSA website to see a full list of prohibited items.