You just never know what bit of information will spring a case like this wide open and lead to a killer or killers. "Every single victim is important to us, no matter their age or what their background is," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. On June 20th, the victims were 20-year-old Thomas Holder and 17-year-old Rayshann Underwood. The discovery of their bodies in Highland Memorial Gardens off Highway 153 lead to an hours long search of the property by an army of investigators, officers, and trainees.

Many questions remain unanswered. "We're still working with the medical examiners office to determine the exact cause and time of death and, if we can determine through the investigation, where the incident occurred at," added Sgt. Miller.

Help has been coming in from the community, but investigators are still looking for important pieces of the puzzle. Helpful bits of information you can provide may not even be related to the crime. "Part of our investigation is to determine exactly what the victim was doing immediately prior to their death and as far away as 24 to 48 hours and even weeks prior to the death," explained Miller. "So, if you have any information, if you saw the victim or victims..."It could be that you know the victim was into an altercation prior and it could be that someone was mad at them, any little thing that you know about the victim or the potential suspect, provide that information."

Up to $1,000 reward is on the table. Were you out late last Monday night or very early Tuesday morning? Call Crime Stoppers and describe any suspicious vehicles you may have seen in the area of the cemetery. Crime Stoppers is a great program where you can call and provide information and no one will ever know who called. You could earn cash even if you do not know specifically about the murders. "We'll never ask for your name or information," Sgt. Miller said. "You simply call in, provide what information you have, and you're provided with a tip number."

You will keep that ID number throughout the process, even through receiving the cash reward should your tip lead to an arrest. 

Call tonight with anything you know: 698-3333 

Help deliver justice for these two grieving families and to this community.