Over 130 new laws go into effect Saturday, July 1 in Tennessee that impact residents across the state.     

Here are just 10 that you'll want to know about.

  1. A motor vehicle is required to move over or reduce speed when approaching a stationary motor vehicle that is using flashing lights on the shoulder, emergency lane or median.
  2. The offense of obstructing emergency vehicle access on public highways and streets is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $200.
  3. Gas tax will go up by 4 cents, and the cost to register a vehicle is increasing.
  4. The offense of theft is expended to include evading a component of an anti-shoplifting device and interfering with a fire alarm system.
  5. Gun owners are allowed loaded firearms on boats, except on government or privately-owned boats with policies already in place.
  6. The Tenncare program is authorized to provide assistance for language interpreter services.
  7. A court can impose an additional $1000 fine for voter fraud conviction, and provides a $1000 reward for information leading to a voter fraud conviction.
  8. "Spoofing" of caller ID, fax or text messaging services will be a Class A misdemeanor. 
  9. You can mark trees and posts with purple paint as an alternative to posting signs that trespassing is prohibited.
  10. Gun silencers/supressors are now legal to possess, transport, repair or sell.

These laws impact various areas of state and local laws.