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Local hotel clerk recalls being threatened by former UTC football coach

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On Saturday, Chattanooga police arrested former University of Tennessee Chattanooga assistant football coach, Jeffrey Brumett. 

Brumett is currently a defensive assistant football coach at East Tennessee State University. In 2007, he wore the same title at UTC. 

An arrest report states the 35-year-old threatened to kill Brandon Sanders, a hotel clerk at the Marriott Residence Inn in downtown Chattanooga.

Sanders, who has worked the night shift at the downtown hotel for the past five months, said that was the first time something like that has ever happened. 

"The guy came down to buy a bag of chips and said that his key didn't work you could tell he'd been drinking. I just figured it was a user error because most people put them in the wrong way so I remade his key and then he went back upstairs," said Sanders. 

About six minutes later, Sanders said Brumett came back to the front desk, threatening him because his key card still didn't work. 

"[He] was cussing in the lobby saying he was going to hang me up with a noose, strangle me to death, beat me to a pulp all because his key didn't work," said Sanders. "I'm used to people yelling that's fine, but then whenever he started with the threats that's when I was kind of taken aback. Normally the second time I walk up with them and I'll help them open the door and I'll show them, hey maybe you were sticking it in this way to make sure it's working and I always take an extra key with me that way if it is my fault and it's not working I have something else as back up that I can let them in. I really wasn't going to go upstairs with that guy honestly." 

About ten minutes later, police arrested Brumett in his hotel room.

According to the arrest report, officers immediately smelled alcohol on Brumett and in his room.

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Brumett was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. According to the Hamilton County Jail, the football coach posted bail later that night.

Sanders plans to return to work as normal. As he works towards a college degree in hotel management, he said he won't let this incident hold him back. 

"Something's always going to happen no matter what you do. I could try to change and be like oh I'm out; I'm too scared to go into hotel management, but then it's just going to stop me from doing something I really want to do, so it just helped me gave me a learning experience." 

Court records show Brumett's arraignment date is scheduled for July 13.

Michael White, Associate Athletic Director for Communication for ETSU, tells Channel 3 Brumett is suspended with pay until the investigation is complete. 

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