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Spring City parks prepping for the Total Solar Eclipse

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The Veterans Park in Spring City, is one of the designated areas where thousands will be coming out to view the total solar eclipse in the Tennessee Valley.

City Manager, Stephania Motes is making plans for the weekend. The park becomes prime real estate for viewing the solar eclipse on August 21st. Festivities will kick off days before. Motes says it will be a festival type atmosphere with craft vendors, food vendors, and children's activities. 

The full totality will occur for 2 minutes and 39 seconds. City commissioner Jody Bauer says it's a rare opportunity for East Tennessee. Hotels have been booked for months. Cabins are reserved, and boats are expected on the water near the park during the three day festival.

A meeting was held on Monday June 26th to discuss event times. Motes and a solar eclipse committee are still working to finalizing event times,
but expect people from all over the to visit. At least 9-thousand people are expected to attend.

The city is urging residents with space for parking or homes to rent to contact city hall soon http://www.townofspringcitytn.com.

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