An evaluation, taken two months before a Chattanooga police rookie was placed on paid administrative leave, is shedding light on concerns his training officers shared about his performance. 

A 36-page personnel file shows Officer Stevin Burton was hired less than a year ago. 

While it's not clear why Burton is under investigation by internal affairs, documents obtained by Channel 3 show Burton's training officers have questioned his performance in the past. 

In his application, the 23-year-old wrote becoming a law enforcement officer was a childhood dream and his goal was to build healthy relationships between law enforcement and the community. 

Burton's file shows he worked part-time under a Safety Minority Internship for about two months before becoming a cadet. 

An internal affairs document shows an investigation into an allegation against Burton is still in the fact-finding stage. 

Chattanooga Police will not comment on the nature of that allegation. 

But a 12 paragraph evaluation written during Burton's training points to a rocky first year on the job. 

The report, shared with Channel 3, identifies Burton as a probationary officer and is dated just two months before Burton was placed on leave. 

It praises his radio communication but notes significant weakness in decision making saying, "It has become clear that Burton is regressing in certain areas."

The report notes several ways the instructor tried to work with Burton but says they were unsuccessful, writing "I see this as an obvious safety concern for himself and other members of the department as a whole." 

It goes on to say Burton allowed traffic offenses that could contribute to traffic crashes.

Ultimately writing, "I cannot recommend him for solo patrol car or another phase of remedial extension." 

CPD cannot comment on the open investigation or if it related to the evaluation Officer Burton received. 

Channel 3 has not heard back from Officer Burton but did reach out to him for comment.