UPDATE: All lanes are now open on Signal Mountain Road after a water main break on Monday caused lane closures as crews worked to make repairs.

PREVIOUS STORY: Twelve hours after a major water main break closed several businesses at the foot of Signal Mountain, repairs are complete but traffic is still a mess.

Crews finished repairing the broken water main Monday afternoon, but a portion of Signal Mountain Road will be closed possibly until Wednesday or Thursday.

Workers at businesses in the area said it's very frustrating since this is the second time this year a water main break forced them to close.

"Yay! Again? Okay, we'll just make the best of it. That's all we can do," Curtis Graham recalled his reaction when he walked into work at Great Clips Monday morning.

The chairs at Great Clips off Signal Mountain Road sat empty most of the day, while employees like Graham were left to wait.

"Just working the best we can," said Graham, "If people come in we let them know that we can not wash their hair or anything."

Great Clips was one of about a dozen businesses on Signal Mountain Road impacted by the water main break.

Restaurants without water were forced to close, and managers posted signs alerting customers about the lack of water.

"We have no water. To me, it's not a good thing to run a business with no water," urged Krystal's manager Tricia Tigner.

It's the second time since January a water main break in the area has halted business and traffic.

Great Clips employees brought in water, hoping to keep their doors open.

"We've actually had to buy water to be able to use our water bottles and stuff," Graham explained.

Tennessee American Water crews worked for about eight hours on repairs.

It's not clear what caused the break, but a spokesperson for the utility company said it's just a coincidence that this is the second break in six months.

Employees at nearby businesses said they just hope it doesn't happen again.

"It gets kind of frustrating after a while," Graham said.

Despite his frustration, Graham said he's making the most of the slow business day.

"I mean, that's the best way you can be," said Graham, "I mean that's nothing I can control. So, just have to wait till there finished."

While the water main has been fixed, the road still needs repairs.

That's why Tennessee American said it could be Thursday until things are back to normal.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: A water main break on Signal Mountain Road has created a problem for both drivers and nearby businesses. The break happened about 7:00am Monday.

Tennessee American Water repair crews are at work to repair the problem. Water is shut off at Walmart and surrounding businesses.
It will take roughly 6 to 8 hours to make repairs.

TN American Water says they are not concerned about the pipes, even though this is the second main break since January. They believe this break to be just a coincidence.