The power of social media helped reunite a Florida man with precious memories after a person in Chattanooga found an old camera.

Sunday, the man who found the camera handed the memories back to their owner.

"There he is!" Nate Wilson shouted as a man walked down the Chattanooga pier.

It's a reunion 5 years in the making.

"Great to finally meet you," Wilson said shaking Alex Mansur's hand.

"What's up man? Oh my god!" exclaimed Mansur.

Mansur lost his camera in the Tennessee River while paddle boarding in Chattanooga nearly 5 years ago to the day.

The memory card inside the camera held years of precious photos and videos Mansur thought he would never get back.

"I still remember losing it," said Mansur, "It was the worst experience ever because it had all these great memories."

But that's when Captain Nate Wilson came into the picture, all by chance.

Wilson was out on a boat about a month ago when a fishing line snagged the camera.

The camera didn't survive the 5 years at the bottom of the river, but the SD card holding all the pictures did.

"Oh my god 2012?!," Wilson recalled his thoughts when he first looked through the pictures he found, "That's five years ago that's crazy!"

So he turned to Facebook and its users for help.

"I never would've thought in a million years I would've ever found that camera," Mansur said.

Wilson said it was important to return the camera, because he knows all too well what it feels like to lose memories.

"I know how special those are and how irreplaceable are," Wilson said tearfully.

Within hours of making the post, the two were able to connect on Facebook.

"It's still surreal," said Mansur, "The story just unfolded and came to fruition like it is right now. It's just an amazing experience."

Now, Mansur has more than his old memories, he has a new friendship.

"We'll be lifelong friends as well," urged Mansur.