The first Miracle League began in Conyers, Georgia nineteen years ago, and since then more than 240 Miracle Leagues have popped up across the country. This fall the Scenic City will have its first. 

The Miracle League of Chattanooga is designed to give individuals with limited abilities specialized recreational opportunities that accommodate their needs. There are over 8,300 children with special needs in the Chattanooga school system alone, making the need for separate facilities greater than ever.

The Chattanooga YMCA is in charge of the programming for the league. YMCA Marketing Director Cara Standifer believes the future Miracle League field is what will make the difference.

"The field itself, from the construction of the field, to the playground, to the turf, all of it is catered specifically to the needs of this particular group of kids and adults" says Standifer. "It's a rubberized turf, so all of that is catered to their special needs. And as far as the game is played, each child or adult will be paired with a buddy and that buddy guides them along the sport from base to base." 

With the league's first season starting September 30th, the Miracle League of Chattanooga could use all the help it could get. If you are interested in coaching, volunteering, or being a buddy, visit

If you would like to make a donation to the Miracle League of Chattanooga, you can buy a brick here.

"It's something that really corrals not just the kids with the disabilities, but also the families and the community" says Standifer. "I think this is one of the most heart felt leagues and anything under the umbrella of youth sports. This is something that really pulls at your heart."