You may have the perfect job; great boss, great paycheck and great benefits.

If you're like most people though, you've thought about a new job. Maybe you've even spent time at,, or

Now there's a new player in job search: Google.

This week Google took the wraps off Google Jobs and it's simply the best and most thorough job search on the entire internet.

There's no website to visit, just enter the word 'jobs' in the search bar. You'll see a pretty extensive list of job openings in or near your home.

I mean, it lists everything by combining search results from all the job search websites and job openings posted to company websites.

To narrow things down, search for 'jobs in I.T.' or the name of the company you prefer to be employed.

Google returns those search results.

If you don't know the type of job you want, Google gives plenty of options to narrow the search by category, title, type and employer.

You can also change the location to search in a different city.

Once you enter your search you can turn on job alerts which will send you emails to your gmail account instantly when a job is posted or daily and weekly reports.

Each job listing includes links to where the job was initially posted such as on Careerbuilder, Zip Recruiter or the company's website.

It gets even better by adding a link to GlassDoor so you can see anonymous reviews of the company from current and past employees.

There's no way you can search for job openings as extensive as Google jobs.

The only question to ask is: what took Google so long?