A Marion County woman is back home Thursday night after spending five days in the hospital.

Deputies said that woman, Carolyn Sue Henry, was shot by her own son.

"Just said he had anger management problems," Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett said that's what Henry's son told investigators.

Eighteen-year-old Paul Nunley told deputies he shot at his mother multiple times, according to Sheriff Burnett.

"Evidently she was wanting to leave in the jeep," said Sheriff Burnett, "And he didn't want her to leave and that's what sparked the argument."

But the argument escalated quickly.

Henry, the alleged shooter's mother, got in the jeep to leave their home off Bennett Lake Road late Friday night.

"She was backing out of the driveway onto another road," Sheriff Burnett explained, "As she was pulling out, evidently, he just started shooting through the windows."

Deputies said Nunley shot at the car his mother was driving nearly 30 times.

"At one point one of the bullets struck her in the back of the head," said Sheriff Burnett, "She went across the little hill and struck a vehicle that was parked."

Henry then ran about 50 yards and hid behind a tree until help came, according to deputies.

Investigators sad Nunley used an AR 15 rifle.

They also recovered multiple weapons from the home.

"It concerns me that a man can shoot his mother over a car," said Sheriff Burnett, "It just makes me think what's going on in the world sometimes."

Neighbors did not wish to go on camera, but said Nunley was a good kid.

The sheriff said he had no prior record, and Nunley even admitted to authorities he shot his mother.

"He just admitted it," recalled Sheriff Burnett, "'I did it.'"

But Sheriff Burnett said anger is no excuse.

Nunley is charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder, a charge deputies said could land him behind bars for 25 years to life.

Nunley is booked in the Marion County jail.

His preliminary hearing is set for July 26, 2017.