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TVA lowers lake levels in anticipation of Tropical Depression

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Water levels at several lakes in Tennessee have been lowered, including Chickamauga, Watts Bar and Nickajack in preparation for Tropical Depression Cindy. The storm was downgraded from tropical storm status Thursday.

As the rain falls and water levels rise, boaters like Michael Porter take notice.

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"This is a flooded section of the Tennessee River and when the water levels are low, you can watch out for sandbars. There's a lot of shallow spots. You just have to be aware of when it's up and when it's down," he said. 

This week, TVA's river forecast center has been busy preparing Tennessee River waterways for runoff from Tropical Depression Cindy. 

"We're running a lot of these generators and turbines at maximum capacity trying to get that water through the system and get ready for all that rainfall coming in," James Everett said.

Everett and his team at TVA update their plan every six hours, monitoring the forecast and ready to make changes, if needed. 

Even when the storm moves out of the area, he wants those who plan to go out on the water this weekend to know what to expect. 

"Be mindful of the flows and the elevations being outside of the normal ranges that we normally see," Everett said.

Whether you're boating, kayaking or tubing on the water, Porter knows higher water means a bigger chance for debris. 

"You've got to watch out for a lot of debris, like floating logs, a lot of litter from the bank will wash out into the water so you just have to be real careful," he said. 

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