Chattanooga homicide investigators are using a new tip line to help find out who is responsible for the deaths of two men. The men were found dead in Highland Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Tuesday. 

Police believe both men were shot, but a medical examination will have to determine how they died. 

The cemetery reopened last night after being closed for about 10 hours, while nearly 60 emergency workers and officers were on scene.
Wednesday the search for information continues and police are confident someone out there knows something that can help solve this case. 

"If you know any thing, it may be a color of a car, it may be something you saw in passing, it may be that you know who did it or they told you," said Sgt. Victor Miller, Chattanooga Police Dept. " Let our investigators know." 

Police say no piece of information is too small. Anyone with information about the men found dead in Highland Memorial Gardens is asked to call a newly formed homicide tip hotline at 423-643-5100. 

Calls go directly to the detectives working the case and remain anonymous. 

" At this time we have learned that both victims are related to gangs but that may or may not be the motive in this crime," said Sgt. Miller. 

Police have identified one of the victims as 20-year-old Thomas Holder. Channel 3 has reported on Holder in the past when he plead guilty to providing an illegal firearm to a group of teens.

That gun was the one that injured a 13-year-old, who was shot in the face by a family member while they were posing for a picture together.

The second victim, a 17 year-old, has been identified by family members as Rayshann Underwood. Police say it's not clear why the two were killed, if they were shot at the cemetery, or how long their bodies were there before being found. 

" Anytime we lose one of our community members is very important to us," said Sgt. Miller. " That's the reason that you see the response that you did yesterday." 

More than 60 people responded to the scene Tuesday to assist in gathering evidence, traffic enforcement and crowd control. A group of police cadets also helped investigators look at every part of the cemetery for answers. 

Former city councilman Manny Rico returned to the scene with Channel 3, to show us where he made the discovery. 

" It's just kind of scary because like I said it's over here where you are away from everybody," said Rico. 

Rico can't understand why the two were left here.

" I would think somebody is just mean and did something in an argument was going to kill somebody they would have hid the bodies somewhere,....everybody does," said Rico. " You know this had to be a statement." 

Police have already received some tips on the new hotline. Once again, you can reach a detective by calling 423-643-5100.

"The homicide tip line is an immediate resource that we can use in real time. It goes directly to our unit so its unit specific rather than Crime stoppers which goes to a wide variety of calls," said Sgt. Miller. 

"Our greatest resource in the homicide unit is information. We gather information from evidence, from witnesses, from community members and family members so in order to gather that information quickly we established the Homicide Unit Tip-line." 

It will be a few days until a medical examiner can determine how the two men died. When we learn more, count on Channel 3 to share that information.