Internet customers across the country are reporting outages for the second straight day keeping some without the ability to connect to the internet. Problems Monday were attributed to 'connectivity issues' and were being resolved.

It's frustrating and inconvenient for customers and in this day in age, it can be scary to go for hours without the internet. How do you know if it's just you or if other customers are having the same problem?

The best way to find out is the website This website uses crowd-sourced reports from customers to map where outages are and how many customers are reporting problems. On Tuesday,  downdetector is showing over 100 reports of outages from customers of Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Spectrum.

Problems are generally described as 'connectivity issues' by internet and wireless companies which is fairly common as connections must pass through wires and cables underground as well as on poles. Just one disconnected cable can cause outages for thousands of customers.

Downdetector is one of several websites aggregating outage reports directly from customers. The reports are displayed by city or on a map. The site also links to the company's website or twitter account where the outages can be reported directly to the company.

All of the major wireless and internet providers monitor their twitter feeds and ask customers to send them a direct message or DM and a customer service representative usually responds fairly quickly. Those companies can also be reached by sending a message via their Facebook page.