Tropical Storm Cindy is bracing to hit landfall in eastern Texas and Louisiana by Thursday. The local American Red Cross of southeast Tennessee will be deploying volunteers this weekend depending on what efforts are needed over the weekend. Rainfall amounts of up to 18" is expected along the Gulf Coast.

Disaster Program Manager, Jerry Wang says he has a pool of 100 volunteers on stand by to select. Blankets, mats, cots, and water will be readily available.

"Well we have over 100 on call volunteers that are prepared. We've also set in place with our local chapter and our sectional chapter out of Nashville, that all of our DPM's, disaster program manager's, etc, are on call and on alert," says Wang.

"But we have our vehicles stocked, sheltering tools ready to go, and we have our volunteers that are ready to deploy if necessary," adds Wang.

The Southeast Tennessee Red Cross is urging those interested in volunteering to call or contact them online.